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Multiple Aurelia apps in a single ASP.NET Core application

I’ve been recently working on an ASP.NET Core MVC application for a tour operator company. The application follows the standard MVC navigation principles: You search for flights between two cities, for a specific time period; You see a grid with the flights matching the criteria, displaying all sorts of yielding information (sold seats, c... Read more

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Aurelia - feedback from the trenches

I’ve been using Aurelia to write multiple applications of various size for more than a year now, and I thought it might be interesting for some people to get some real-life feedback. All in all, the framework is awesome. Aurelia’s developer experience is much better than that of other frameworks I’ve worked with (*cough* Angular *cough*). It’... Read more

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What is Aurelia's .two-way command for?

One of my book’s reader sent me an email earlier this week. He was confused by a statement from the book and thought it might contain a typo or some kind of error. This statement said that the .two-way binding command didn’t adapt to its context, while .bind did. I answered that it was no error, that .bind uses two-way binding when the target... Read more

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Building an image files picker with Aurelia

This post was initially published on Aurelia’s official blog. In my book Learning Aurelia, you can see, among other things, how to build an image file picker component, supporting drag and drop and showing a preview of the selected image. In this post, we’ll use the techniques described in the book to build a multi-select image file picker, ... Read more

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Building Aurelia's focus attribute

Aurelia is a next generation SPA framework, initiated by Rob Eisenberg, creator of Durandal. I’m really proud to be featured on the blog this week. Check it out! Read more

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